Partnerships and Performances: Kat Sauma and BUILD.

One of the may exciting things available to us in grad school are the resources, specifically, bodies and minds. Just a couple of weeks into school I was asked to perform alongside fellow MFA student, Kat Sauma, in a performance they’re choreographing for, in collaboration with BUILD. I, of course, said yes.

What is BUILD?

“BUILD promotes the progress of culture and community through sound, emphasizing innovation, creativity and experimentation from a diverse perspective.”

I attended a BUILD event in early September and was hooked from the start. The atmosphere felt free and raw, humans dancing in all directions, with friends and strangers, embracing the energy emitting from the bodies in the space. There is nothing quite like the feeling of letting-go of the outside world and submitting to beats and sounds, energy, and allowing your body to think for itself, shutting off the logical processing the brain habitually returns to.

For weeks now we have been rehearsing with Kat, learning new movement, and also building movement under collaborative editing. Kat’s movement has a horizontal-weight in the progression of steps, large and small, seemingly wild with ranging dynamics in execution, the movement comes off with a natural, ease, powerful athleticism, and juxtaposition of energies and textures.

The performance is Saturday, October 28th at The Summit in Columbus, OH. Here is the flyer:



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