Inside the Studio: Creating Unrest

I’m currently in process with a new piece of choreography—the working title is currently “unrest.” The piece is structured as a non-truadional partnering duet placed with a bed sheet acting as a sheer screen between the two individuals in the piece. The piece originally was set almost 7 years ago while I was creating my undergraduate BFA thesis. I created a duet with a bed sheet, following the notion that if we can’t communicate clearly then not only do we as individuals suffer, but our loved ones do, as well as our surrounding community, including friends, students, roommates, the cashier at Target, and beyond. As time has expanded, this duet has stayed in the back of my mind as something I would consider a missed opportunity. I wasn’t emotionally or mentally developed to a point where I could dive into the material as deeply as I had hoped, even at 21 I knew the duet was lacking a substance that I couldn’t quite capture yet. The movement was stimulating, and poignant, so that’s where I began, questioning the same questions, but with a larger context this time.

At night I come home from long days of meaningful work, but I come home knowing there are things in this world that keep me in a place of uneasiness, agitation, and sadness for where humanity is settling. This uneasiness follows me into my sleep, it haunts my dreams, it stirs me. What happens when our bodies face our fears, face our demons, face the current global state while we sleep?

So here I am questioning the notion of rest. The state of the American government, the natural disasters, my friends, family, and anyone within the LGBTQIA community, my friends, acquaintances, and any and ALL people of color, race, background, origin…Here I am speaking and making about the unrest(ed) state we live in.


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