Chart: Perceptions of Time

As a way to begin processing what our research might look like, how we are supposed to write about it, and gather our broad thoughts, my dance seminar class was asked to chart a topic of interest that has “heat” in it—something that we are thinking about frequently with high curiosity.

For years now, I linger in curiosity over the individual perception of time. How does time perception translate and influence an individual’s life? I am interested in investigating the multiple facets of time, including speed, its relationship to distance, both physically and emotionally, and the way perceptions of time cause change in a person’s mental and physical capacities. I question the reality of what time feels and looks like inside of a person’s inner sphere versus their external time experience, specifically relating to the connection between grief and the passage of time.

I’m inspired by William Forsythe’s NOWHERE AND EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME, NO. 2. The following video if from Forsythe’s installation of the piece in Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany from 2013.

I really enjoy his use of the gallery space and the interactive challenge caused from navigating the pendulums. When observing the individuals in the installation, I love seeing how their movements’ speeds are so contrary to the steady rhythm of the swaying pendulums. The individuals must speed up and slow down, using actions of dodging, leaning, stopping, pausing, darting,  to name a few…

One Reply to “Chart: Perceptions of Time”

  1. I would comment on the intellectual, spiritual effect of time. When you are say 16-18, I pretty much thought I knew it all. Only to begin a career and think that “ oh my I will never learn what is needed. But over time you do. Then the spiritual aspect, “how can I change to be who I want to be? God changed me one day at a time. By God’s grace. Then life’s emotional lessons, fall down and get back up. Then physically, taking care of your body when you are young pays off when you are older. Because age takes its toll. You have to work harder to take care of your body as you age. And then you have to accept change. Plan for the next 5 years and let God carry it out. There’s a song “I hope there’s time for everything” keep moving ahead.💕


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