Inside the Process: Creating an Autoethnographic Solo Work

A Piece of the Pie.

During this process, I recognize specific moments in my life that contribute to my whole self—individual pieces that come together to form the outer shell of perception and my inner sphere of voice.

In this autoethnographic solo, I investigate tender memories of home, a moment of instant change—the day my father passed away—and the tracings of grief marked in/on my body. In reflection on that blur-of-a-day, I felt like something inside of me went missing and for years I’ve been on a journey to clarify how that missing part effects who I am, who I will be, and how people see me. In the years that have since passed, I find myself picking up the pieces from that day, noting the deep impact of how my father’s teachings and personal journey have, and continue to, influence who I am—he is a slice of my whole.

I am in conversation with grief and its reflection on the individual pieces that mark my whole self—a southern woman who is discovering/embracing how trauma has left markers that stay with me and trail behind me as I move my way forward in life.

I invite you to take a look at some of the digital tracings from this identity research process here:

Choreographic Process Tracings

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